1 Hours Pay Day Loans Texas

Privacy Policy

Privacy policy at 1 Hour Payday Loans Texas strongly states that borrowers’ data must be protected at all costs.

Accordingly, we never share borrowers’ data with a third party. There are lenders and service providers in the market that sell borrowers’ data to make extra profits. But, we have never indulged in such activities.

We get such requests. But, we vehemently refuse them. We are interested in our core business which thrives on the basis of customer service.

Never ever we would like to do a thing that can affect our customers. If our customers get affected, our business will be affected in turn.

Additionally, our web site uses all the latest software including Internet security. Our IT experts maintain our site round the clock. Hacking of our site is a tough task even for the best of hackers.

Till date, it has never has happened. When you come to our site, you can also disable cookies. We keep that option open to you. It helps the system protection from malicious attacks.

We ask every applicant to sign up with us first. When you come to apply for no credit check loans or our installment loans in Texas or for any other loan, you will be required to create your account.

Creating account helps in data segregation. When each borrower’s data is stored in separate folders, it doesn’t get vulnerable in case the site gets really gets hacked. It acts as double protection.

You are also requested not to share your log information with anybody. No matter how close is the person to you? Sharing of long information will make your account vulnerable.

So much we do to protect your data from getting into wrong hands. What else you want us to do. If you have some better ideas, do share with us. We will incorporate them.

However, there is a situation when we might be required to share your data with another person. And, that is the case of legal issues.

If a legal issue arises, and legal authorities demand borrowers’ information, we will be forced to disclose all the information. However, this is a rare happening. We are yet to face a case like this.