1 Hours Pay Day Loans Texas

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the advantages of applying for loan through you?

You get lowest possible interest rate along with an easy repayment arrangement.

Who can apply for your loans?

US citizens of more than eighteen years with a regular job and a bank account can apply for our loans.

How much time you take to grant loan?

We can give you loan in least possible time.

How can I apply for your loan?

You can apply for is no credit check loans and/or our installment loans in Texas through our web site only.

Do you charge any fee?

We do not charge any fee to borrowers.

Is there any limit of the loan amount?

Maximum amount of loan depends upon your needs and repaying capabilities.

Do you give loans to people with poor credit?

Yes! 1 Hour Payday Loans Texashas a few loans especially designed loan for bad credit people.

For what purposes, you can grant loans?

You can use our loans for any purpose you like.

Do you have any fixed repayment duration?

We give multiple plans in the beginning which show various repayment periods. You can select a period as per your convenience.

What if I default in repayments?

You shouldn’t default in payment. If you have problems, speak to us; we will reschedule the repayment plan.

How secure is our personal information?

It is totally safe with us. We don’t sell/ share your information with another person or company.

Do you need collateral/ guarantor?

No, we don’t need collateral or guarantor.

Can I take multiple loans?

If your repaying capability allows you, you can avail multiple loans.

Do you provide loans to jobless people?

No, we don’t give loans to jobless people.

Can students take loans from you?

Yes, they can if they are earning too.

Can I take a loan if I stay with my parents?

Yes, you can.

What are your office hours?

We are open day and night all seven days of the week.

Can I cancel my application later?

Yes, because we maintain no obligation application process.